4 ways to land a job in the tech industry without any coding knowledge

We’d be the first, as people who can’t code, to tell you how useful learning to code can be if you’re looking to get a job in the tech industry; in fact, it’s useful regardless of the industry you want to get stuck into. For most, coding wasn’t on the list of necessities your school handed out when they prepared you for the future.

Just because you don’t know how to code, it doesn’t mean you have no chance in getting into the tech industry. There are other jobs out there that don’t require you to speak the languages of machine. Fair enough, coders do make the biggest salaries of most in this particular industry but money shouldn’t be your motivator when it comes to looking for a graduate job.

Here are four ways to land a job in the tech industry without any coding knowledge!

1. Understand the three pillars

The first place to start, advises The Muse, is to know what jobs you can do without knowing how to code. These three helpful pillars are a good place to figure out where you’ll fit in. You know your skill set better than anyone so it’s up to you to decide where you should be aiming your crosshairs.


Image credit: The Muse

2. Reframe your experience with a tech edge

Since young people nowadays will have, roughly, 15-20 different jobs throughout their careers, the ability to spin information to fit certain industries will become second nature. The art is in the details. Don’t emphasise your formal titles but rather your daily responsibilities that can be transferred over to the tech industry.

3. Mould yourself into the role

Similarly, in an interview situation, your best bet is to mould yourself into the role rather than the role around you. Tech recruiters, as a rule, fill dozens of roles simultaneously so have a set criteria for potential employees. Make it as easy for them to draw a connection between the role and your CV.

>4. Show your passion

Most importantly of all, show that you genuinely care about the tech industry. Talk about your history with tech, what blogs you like, what excites you – passionate employees are the ones that will produce the best work (even if they can’t code).