5 signs your talent is being wasted at work

It can often feel like you got hired for the job because you were the best person out of a handful, not because of your talent and specialised skills. Part of being satisfied with your job is knowing that you are being assigned to the tasks that you specialise in, otherwise you just feel like a grunt.

To paraphrase Forbes: “you have too many ideas, too many unmet needs and too much energy to keep wasting your talent at your current job”. We will never encourage you to settle, especially if you know that your skills would be better off used elsewhere.

Here are five signs that your talent and skills are being wasted at your current place of employment.

1. Your good ideas are treated like bad ideas

Not every idea you throw out is going to be a winner, that’s just the way business works. However, if you workshop an idea and genuinely believe in it and, more importantly, show you believe in it and it gets ignored, you’re being wasted.

2. Your manager has no vision

Your talent is only as good as those who are responsible for facilitating it. It’s not the most catchy mantra but it speaks a whole world of truth. Talented employees are best used to push boundaries, not tread water.

3. You feel under-appreciated

Of course those closest to you will sing your praises but if nobody at work sees you as anything but a low-level employee, you obviously haven’t shown your talent or you have and they don’t appreciate them.

4. You feel boxed into your role

As part of a team you should feel comfortable lending your skills to all manner of tasks; even if they don’t fall into your jurisdiction. If you feel so boxed in that you can’t reach out to help another project, move on.

5. You’re burning out

Burnout doesn’t necessarily come from fatigue. It can come about after long periods of demotivation and feeling uninspired. Quit this job as soon as possible and try to find a role that fits you as a person, not a task completer.