Recruit Camp: 5 reasons you should take a week off the job-hunt

Welcome to Recruit Camp! The name might change but our monthly philosophy will prevail: for the whole of July we’re going to be giving you daily tips and tricks to get yourself employed. The job-hunt is numbing, frustrating and soul-destroying at the best of times. Hopefully we can make things a little easier for you. We’re starting by telling you to day a week off!

It sounds like unconventional wisdom but sometimes you need to drop everything in order to make some progress. The job-hunt can be, day after day, a gruelling trial. Especially if you’re unemployed. Waking up with no purpose and spending hours scrolling through recruitment sites looking at jobs you’d hate to do – it’s no life for you.

Get some perspective and enhance your job-hunt. Here are five reasons you should take a week off your job-seeking.

1. Figure out what you want to do

How specific are your actual search terms? Have you just typed in your degree title or have you got a few positions in mind? Before you go diving in head-first, take a step back and do some research around the job-market. Where would be best suited? It’s hard to know when you build walls of job applications around yourself.


2. Spend time with your hobbies

Take a week off for the sake of productivity, not because you’re feeling lazy. Spend the free time re-evaluating what you care about and maybe that will lead you to a conclusion that you could work in an industry that you care about, not just one that has a job opening.

3. The jobs aren’t going anywhere

Jobs come and go, as do applications. Taking one week off probably won’t mean the ‘dream job‘ is going to slip through your fingers. And even if it does, you won’t realise because you’ll be chilling at home.

4. Your mental health is so much more important

The job-hunt really messes with your priorities. You should be considering how you feel above all things because, more often than not, job-hunting takes a toll on you – especially if you’re cooped up indoors.


5. It’s the summer!

It’s warm out, most of your friends will be back home. Why waste the week indoors applying for jobs that you’re not qualified for?!