20 supermarket survival tips for shopping on a budget

Supermarkets should be places of wonder but they rarely are. Hundreds of flavours and new experiences can be bought for low prices but we’ll probably always by the same stuff over and over – we’re creatures of habit like that. Now more than ever, the supermarket offers a wide variety of products of all prices, cultures and connivence. But there is a right way and wrong way to shop.

Going to university, you’ll learn how to navigate the aisles like a pro. What deals are worth the time of day and which will just make you spend more money in the long run. CashNetUSA have put together a great infographic with 20 fantastic survival tips to save you a load of money at the supermarket.

In their own words: “Once you know the tricks, you can easily avoid falling into the traps”. Here are the most valuable slices of wisdom from the graphic:

  • Avoid larger trolleys: We buy more when our trolleys are larger. In fact, doubling the size causes us to spend 40% more. Nobody likes the site of an empty cart, apparently.
  • Plan your route: Wandering vaguely through the aisles will result in frequent impulse buys and sap your precious shopping cash. Plan your route through the shop and stick to your list.
  • Eat before you go: Never shop on an empty stomach!
  • Overlook end-of-aisle deals: These aren’t necessarily the best deals but rather the stock that the shop wants to flog. You have to work for and seek out the best deals if you truly want one.
  • Check lower shelves: In order to make you spend more in store, eye-level products will often be more expensive. To get the same product for a cheaper price, cast your eyes downward.
  • Give yourself a time limit: Less time in the shop means less time to spend money.


Image credit: CashNetUSA