6 ways using the ‘superhero system’ can make you a better blogger

Starting a blog for the first time gives the same thrill, we imagine, as what learning to use your superhero powers for the first time feels like. You’ve finally got an identity and a voice (on the internet) to tangibly share your inner-most principles and philosophies.

However, as with superhero franchises, after a while the initial spark of excitement fades. The motivation leaves quicker than Peter Parker’s Uncle post-gunshot and you’re left with a half-baked blog with as many good articles as there are bad.

Problogger have assembled a four-step allegory and method coined as ‘the superhero system’ to reignite your love for blogging and ultimately make you a better writer.

1. Batman: Maintain your Batcave

“Batman would be nothing without his Batcave and gadgets”, is a sentence I’ve heard in the past. The Detective Comics shill in me is screaming to link to my 2,500 word thesis on the use of fear branding as Batman’s greatest weapon but let’s just agree for now, yes, Batman’s hideout is a quintessential part of his character.

Your Batcave is most likely your home or office. The same way that Batman’s cave is designed to house numerous vehicles, a super-computer and a fold-away bed for Alfred – your space needs to be kitted out for your needs. Hide away any distractions, park yourself near electricity and internet and set yourself daily goals.

2. Superman: Know your weaknesses

Superman’s reputation is checkered due to his overpowered abilities. The interest surrounding this character comes from his foils – namely his Kryptonite both metaphorical and physical.

To be a good writer you need to understand your weaknesses. The first step is to identify them. Superman is from Krypton and therefore is hurt by Kryptonite, for some reason. The trick is to know your enemy be it television or sleeping in too late and combating as best you can. Before you even write a word, figure out what might stop your flow in the future and take serious precautions.

3. Wonder Woman: Passion and strength

Undoubtedly the most powerful member of the DC crew, Wonder Woman’s origin is one of bravery and strength. Her character is defined by passion and humanity, something you need by the bucketload if you want your writing to connect with people.

At the end of the day, there are cheats to becoming a professional blogger but hard-work. Put in the hours, be honest, help people when you can and your work will eventually get recognised.

4. The Justice League: Rely on your team

As Problogger puts it: “surround yourself with powerful allies to keep you accountable”. Real life friends and fellow bloggers will always be there to cross-promote and advise you when you need it. Alternatively, build a blogging network (like a super team) and support each other across a network – that’s pretty super if you ask me.

5. Spider-Man: Responsibility

(I’ll preface this and say that I’m incredibly bias toward Spider-Man). Since the loss of his Uncle, Peter Parker has acted according to his mantra: “With great power, comes great responsibility”. And this applies to your writing too.

While Spidey exacts this by pulling his punches and refusing to take a life, you have a responsibility to write with an clear conscious and no ulterior motives. To avoid shortcuts and display information justly. Even jounralists have a moral code.

6. Hawkeye: Accepting your limits

Clint Barton is by far the most underrated Avenger and superhero. And it makes sense, he’s just a bloke that’s good at archery. Raised by the Circus life, Barton joined the Avengers fully knowing his limits but not letting them define him.

You should know going in that you’re not going to get a huge audience right away. You may never. But any difference you’re making, even if it’s just one reader, makes writing a blog worth your time.