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5 ways to nail that Skype interview

It’d be easy to treat a Skype interview as practice. Without having to physically face your interviewer, you can understand why people get complacent. However, the stresses associated with technology should keep you on your toes enough to combat any risk-taking like not wearing trousers or forgetting to tell your flatmates who might walk into the shot to wear trousers. 

The days of having to travel from office to office for primary interviews are on their way out. Phone interviews are a convenient way to transfer information and Skype interviews are a better way to get an initial impression on a potential employee.

However, you’ve really got to make yourself memorable. In real life, you have human presence on your side. On Skype, all you have is your network connection keeping you afloat.

The Interview Guys understand the troubles associated with Skype interviews and have created a helpful video, just for you, that won’t necessarily get you the job but will give you an edge enough to stand out in a crowd.

Here are the best things we learned:

  • “Make sure you choose a room that will give you some privacy, and that means it should be away from any noise including pets or children. You want to show the interviewer that you are prepared and focused.”
  • “Make sure you are using a computer that doesn’t crash and has a

    decent processing speed. It is also very important for you to test your internet connection, because there is nothing an interviewer dislikes more than a broken conversation or frozen screen.”
  • “Smiling and making eye contact will help create rapport with your interviewer, but also make you look confident, positive and enthusiastic about the job! But remember, you should make eye contact with your camera and not your screen, just like you were making eye contact with a real person. A lot of people make this mistake in Skype interview situations”