Midday Moment: Study proves that holidaying on the beach is better for your health

If you’ve ever needed a reason to start saving up for that beach house in Bali, this is it. A new study has shattered the internet by suggesting that people who spend prolonged periods of time with a view of water are less stressed, Science Daily reports. However, I’d take this study a bit further to say that if you live by the sea, you’re probably not that stressed to begin with.

That’s why I think that what this study proves, for the everyday working man and woman, is that detoxing and stress-free holidays are best spent on the coast. And you might be thinking that holidays are synonymous with trips to the beach but maybe, if you’re feeling on the brink of burning out, that high-stakes backpacking trip around Eastern Europe might not clear you mind as much as you think.


The study was trying to find a link between mental health and visibility of water. “Increased views of blue space is significantly associated with lower levels of psychological distress” said the professor behind the study. The same could not be said for green spaces, sorry campers.

The study used various topography data and the visibility of blue and green spaces from residential locations in Wellington, New Zealand. Comparing this to the recorded state of mental health on the Kessler Psychological Distress Scale, the research found that a view of the ocean was associated with improved mental health.

New Zealand is highly urbanised, meaning that future city planning is increasingly important. This information will be taken into account when designating a proportion of high-rise buildings or affordable homes with ocean views.

So just consider, if you weren’t already, spending some time this summer by large bodies of water. Alternatively, use this study to think about moving somewhere closer to the coast if you’re feeling the pressures of life.