5 students that are already changing the world from their uni halls

We often read about these adolescent prodigy students that are going to go on and do great things for our world and, for some reason, it upsets a lot of people. The simple explanation is jealousy or inferiority complexes at large but we think these people shouldn’t be put on a pedestal but rather celebrated and invested in.

We all have a part to play in the general betterment of the world, regardless of how mundane you think your job is, unless you’re a hit-man, you’re doing something for someone. Don’t think of these brain-boxes are better people, they’re just gifted in certain areas that will push science, philanthropy and BBQ food forward.

Use these stories as inspiration not as a benchmark! Here are five students that are already changing the world from their dorm rooms, as reported by Business Insider.

1. Jordan DeGraaf – BBQ innovator

In the first year of her bioengineering degree, Jordan plugged a pretty substantial hole in the BBQ market with her business, Trignis. She redesigned the typical BBQ smoker which, I believe, is currently out on the market. Harvard produces another gem!

2. Kevin Li – Ran an investment fund more successful than Wall Street

Not a wolf as such, this Economics major chose finance over music and it paid off. He oversaw an investor portfolio of $250,000 as an acting CEO. We’re all sure the job-hunt won’t be too big of an issue for Mr.Li

3. Kira Headrick – NASA intern

While most of us have ‘editorial assistant’ or ‘marketing manager’ in our experience section, Headrick went to NASA. She’s also one of the 25 women chosen to complete pilot training for the US Air Force. Really ‘spreading your wings’, Kira…

4. Sierra Katow – Comedian

They say you try stand-up comedy at least once in your life well Sierra is making a career out of it. This Computer Science student has performed on NBC’s popular show “Last Comic Standing” and has a US college tour booked after graduation.

5. Alex Yang – Designed 3D printed prosthetics for under $5

A true saint of our times, not something that can be said of a lot of students. Yang’s frustration with the cost of medical devices led to his developing a sustainable and cheap way of delivering prosthetics to people you really need them – inspiring stuff.