Student Volunteering Week: 4 ways your small business can help non-profits

Following on from yesterday’s piece on what things you can do right now to make a difference in the world, we’re still celebrating Student Volunteering Week. With Facebook for Non-Profits being all over the internet, it makes one think about what they can do to benefit others.

However, as wonderful as one person making a difference can be, what if you rally the support of your small business? Whether you’re an owner or an intern at a start-up, here are four things you can do to help non-profits all over the UK.

1. Host a volunteer day

As well as bringing together your co-workers/employees, hosting a volunteer day is a great way to get your business name out there as well doing some awesome work for local non-profits. Make sure you check with everyone in the office to see if they have any connections or links to charities before picking one.

2. Offer skill-based services

Non-profits don’t always have the resources and abilities to prosper like an emerging business so why not donate some of your time to teaching them? Offer nightly sessions so that non-profit workers can thrive and do as much good as their abilities will allow them.

3. Lend your office space

Finding places to meet and forum is sometimes the toughest part of managing a non-profit so if funds are limited, donate your office space. It might a logistical pain but knowing that such a small gesture could make a world of difference is worth it.

4. Think about becoming an official sponsor/board member

A lot of small businesses consider this option selfishly, thinking that having their brand associate with a charity makes them look better. It is true but you shouldn’t work with non-profits for that reason. If your business and workers are passionate about a particularly charity, commit to a long-term partnership.