Stressed at work? You need these 5 calming apps

Sometimes the pressures of work can be too overbearing and the only feasible reaction is to escape. Seeing as it’s considered irresponsible to just walk out on your colleagues halfway through the day, brief meditations might be the remedy to your stress.

We’re not suggesting that you book out a meeting room for a few hours a day to work on your inner peace but with the help of these five great apps, you can use your phone, for just a few minutes, and transport yourself to a much calmer mindset and avoid that workplace meltdown that might be looming around the corner.

1. Calm

A great programme for any meditating beginners who are venturing into the art of peace for the first time. Calm presents a seven step system with sessions that you can customise to last anywhere between 2 and 22 minutes. With an array of relaxing atmospheres (beach sounds, windy meadows etc), make the most of Calm with a set of great earphones.

2. Walking Meditations

Sometimes you won’t have time to just stop, sit and try to find inner peace – the average work life doesn’t cater for it, sadly. That’s why Walking Meditations is the perfect fit for any city workers on the move. With an emphasis on mindfulness over relaxation, you can unwind on your lunch break without having to alter your daily routine.

3. Smiling Mind

Admittedly, this is an app that caters to the mindful wellbeing of children but Smiling Mind has recently developed its programmes for young people and adults so there’s no reason to discount it. There are a variety of sessions that suit a range of age-groups delivered in the soothing and dulcet tones of your Australian narrator.

4. Relax Melodies

Not so much an instructional app as it is a dedicated jukebox of relaxing sounds. You just pick the kind of soothing tones you enjoy and the app will make a dedicated playlist for as long as you want to listen. Great to listen to at your desk or use it to get a better night’s sleep – it’s really up to you how you use it.

5. Headspace

Developed by former buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, Headspace aims to bring the discipline of meditation to the masses via an accessible app. The sessions are a reasonable 10 minutes and are guided by Puddicombe himself. An additional fun fact is that Emma Watson is a big fan of Headspace so you know it’s a good product.

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