Stressed at work? It’s probably over one of these 5 things – and you really needn’t worry!

We’ve all been guilty of worrying over the little things in life, when in the bigger picture, there’s a lot more important things to think about.

But it’s easy to get caught up about matters that stress us out, and while you might have fretted over one of these common worries before, here’s why you really don’t need to worry.

1. Public speaking

Ever had to talk in front of a room full of suits or stand up and make a speech in front of everyone and work up a cold sweat over the mere thought of it? Yep. Us too. Speaking in public is a common  fear of many people and while some people are a natural at it, the more you do it, the less scary and nerve-wracking it will be. Others will also know that you’ll only human, so if by any chance you do make a blunder, make a joke over it and laugh it off – people will understand.

2. Asking for a raise

If you feel like and know you deserve more than you’re paid, then stop pitying yourself and ask to speak to you boss or manager. Don’t go in all guns blazing though – plan what you’re going to say and reasons why you think you deserve to be paid more, and the very worst that can happen is that they say no.

3. I need some time off

You’re legally entitled to a certain number of days off from work, so make sure you make the most of it! Whether it’s a mini-break, a long weekend back home or you’re saving them all up fora big holiday, think about how you want to use your days off, talk to you boss about booking it off and give yourself a well-deserved rest instead of working yourself to the bone.

4. What if they think I’m playing favourites?

You’re only human, so you’re bound to get on better with some people more than others in your office. Also, it’s normal that you want to do your best to work and please your superiors! As long as you’re doing your job and being polite to others, then you’re doing nothing wrong, so stop worrying about what others think about you!

5. I can’t leave

Not in a job that you enjoy? Want to move onto something else but too scared to? Appreciate the position that you’re in that you’re earning enough to support yourself, but can start looking for something you’re more passionate about. Be thankful about the opportunities that your workplace has given you and what you’ve learnt off them, but remember that outside of any contract agreements, you don’t owe them anything and it’s only natural that you grow and want to move on.

Now what?