Midday Moment: 6 ways to relieve stress without logging off the internet

Mindfulness May continues on! Since Spring has sprung and we finally have the space to take some time to reflect on ourselves, there’s no better time to work on our mindful qualities. We’re spending some time every lunchtime dedicated to one helpful way a day to feel better about yourself. Today we’ve got some ways to relieve stress without even leaving your desk.

Normally we’d advise that you leave the office, walk around a bit, maybe frolic around in nature but that can be unrealistic. It’s no secret that leaving your desk at lunch is wholly beneficial but sometimes you feel as if you can’t. Like your inbox is generating so much mass it’s becoming an electromagnet.

If that’s the case, here are six ways to relieve stress without even logging off the internet.

Side note: this is not just a list of ways to procrastinate, each of these suggestion comes with good reason to help you shake off the pressures of your daily responsibilities.


We’ve talked about this new mindful craze before in reference to sleeping well, but the soothing sounds and instinctual reaction to soothing whispers works at your desk too. It can give some people brain tingles while others think the tapping and closeness is creepy. Give it a go and find out for yourself.

2. Inspiration videos

You know the kind of ‘inspiration’ I’m talking about. They seem to be about the only thing on your Facebook feed now usually involving some sort of disabled dog or military dog or dogs in love – lots of dogs basically. These are the videos that give you the warm tingles and make you feel like everything is going to be alright.

3. Destruction videos

These are the kind of videos that are weirdly addictive. Whether it’s a string of magnetic balls in a blender or a copy of Ulysses in a hydraulic press, seeing everyday objects being destroyed is immensely satisfying and fills a curious void you didn’t realise needed filling.

4. E-Counselling

If you really need someone to talk to and don’t want to mire your working relationships with your problems, there are plenty of websites that allow for no-strings venting. Mashable recommends 7 Cups Of Tea which connects strangers who need to get their feelings out.

5. Flash games

Gaming is a great ay to relieve stress but isn’t recommended at work. If you can get away with it, there are loads of fun and free games to play online. I personally love a round of Tetris to help me forget all my woes.

6. Retail therapy

When you get a spare five minutes and want to forget all about the mounting pile of work on your desk, try some retail therapy. There’s no better way to relieve stress than to look at all the things you want to buy on a screen. Be it comics or clothes, remind yourself that pay-day is coming and all the stress might be worth it in the end.