5 ways to stick with a job that makes you unhappy

Not every job is going to make you happy, in fact, very few will. Trying to find your dream job is always an endeavour worth committing to but don’t be surprised if you feel like a failure on the way, it’s all part of the journey. In most cases, if you’re stuck in a job that makes you unhappy we’d encourage you to leave, but sometimes that’s not an option.

Unless you have another job lined up, just checking out of a job because you don’t like it isn’t well-advised. You need to pay bills and eat. If you’re current job is enabling you to do that, you very much need that job.

Alternatively, it might be a terrible job that looks amazing on your CV but you need to stick it out for a few more months to avoid looking like a flake.

If you’re staying in a job that makes you unhappy, it has to be for a good reason. We can’t help you hate the role any less but we can try to help you tolerate it until you find something better suited.

1. Think ahead

Knowing that there’s a cut-off date before you can peace-out on your current workplace of misery really helps the process. Start a countdown and you might feel better day-after-day.

2. Put extra time into your passions

A job that makes you feel unhappy will also sap all motivation from you. Instead of coming home and working on what you love, you’re probably finding a rinse-and-repeat routine of eating and collapsing into a Netflix wormhole. Try and muster enough energy to spend time with what’s actually important to you.

3. Book a holiday the day after your quitting date (if you have one)

Following on from point one, book a holiday that starts the day after the end of your notice. This will give you an incentive to keep working and not wasting what remaining leave you have on personal days to avoid work.

4. Save every penny

If you’re so unhappy that you need to quit before getting another job, we understand. However, you’ll need to curb your outgoings for the next couple of months to keep yourself afloat for your unemployment period.

5. Speak to HR

Whether you need a better understanding of the resignation process or want to see what your companies internal hiring process is like, you must visit Human Resources. They have all the info you seek.