How To Stay Productive Even If You’re Unemployed

Being unemployed can really suck the soul out of a person. Waking up and having no reason to roll out of bed is demoralising and compounds especially when people around you are succeeding.

Productivity is the cure to the unemployed blues but when job-seeking is all that’s on the agenda, having an honestly productive day is a rarity.

The best solution is to spend your time learning a skill. It has to be something you enjoy and something you know you’ll follow through with. The only upside of unemployment is the sheer amount of free time you won’t otherwise have with a job.

Anything you could want to learn is available to you online. Here are six ways to stay productive even if you’re unemployed.

1. Learn as much software as you can

Knowing the basics of content management systems, photo editing tools and video editing will give you a slight edge on any graduate out there looking for any media or office job. Practice on a WordPress blog so by the time you get employed you’ll be ahead of the curve!

2. Write about what you care about

The easiest way to stay productive is by voicing yourself online. Keeping up with events on Twitter is always a bonus because employers will 100% check it before hiring you.

3. Read books

The hardest part of reading is finding the time and, as an unemployed, you have an abidance of that. Read all those classic novels that you said you’d read in the past but obviously hadn’t! It feels a lot more productive than spending four hours a day reading the same Facebook statuses.

4. Practice a physical trade 

So many unemployed people today have digital skills but very few can actually do things with their hands. Learn to woodwork or fix cars or something that doesn’t require a keyboard and mouse. It could come in handy if the apocalypse ever came.

6. Exercise (loads)

Someone in shape is associated with success. Most people tend to get into shape once they become successful, if you reverse the order, a job and success will come in due course.