5 ways to stay positive while job hunting (really!)

So you’ve sent out your CV and cover letters in droves, with no luck. Maybe you never heard back about a position you thought was basically made for you, or you got a long way through the interview process only to get a rejection email. Don’t let these little setbacks get you down!

Job hunting is possibly one of the most un-fun things we have to do as adults – a stressful time of uncertainty and nerves. But keeping a positive attitude while job hunting can make all the difference in your career.

Research has even shown that staying positive on your job hunt actually ups your chances of landing a job.

Something will come along soon (it always does!), so keep your chin up and stay optimistic with these five tips.

1. Surround yourself with positive people

You need all the good vibes you can get right now, so choose to spend time with people who believe in you. Stay away from anyone who’s bringing you down because misery loves company and other people’s negativity can influence how you feel as well.

>2. Stick to a routine

Get up early, spend a few hours applying for the latest jobs, and then go about your day. Just because you don’t need to clock into an office doesn’t mean you should have a daily lie in and lose all sense of space and time. Staying organised and giving yourself daily tasks will keep you sane.

3. Have a plan

Along the same vein, set small goals for yourself. Do your research, make lists and tell yourself you’re going to apply to a certain number of jobs, or reach out to 10 connections on Linked In per week. You’ll feel a sense of achievement as you accomplish each goal, however small.

4. Get thee to a gym

You know what they say about exercise and endorphins and all, so take a spinning class or go on a run for an instant mood booster. Aside from cheering you up, working out also gives you more energy, which is essential for your job hunt.

5. Treat yourself

You won’t have all this free time forever, so take advantage and treat yourself to a manicure or take a bubble bath. Reward yourself for the small victories and for staying on top of the job hunt.