3 CV clichés to avoid like the plague

It’s easy to forget about your CV and when you’ve already got a job, but it’s a good idea to keep it up-to-date. You never know when an opportunity might come up that will require you to dig up that one-stop guide to your achievements so far.

But if you are planning on giving your CV a makeover, you might want to skip on these pretty over-used phrases – employers love originality. 

1. “I’m a great team player.”

It’s unlikely that people are going to claim otherwise, so unless you have some solid examples and experiences to showcase times that you’ve been part of a team, skip using this phrase on your CV. No-one’s going to accuse you of not being good working in a team unless they have reason to.

2. “I’ve got great communication skills.”

Be more specific. Is it people skills while networking at event that you excel at? Or are you a whizz on social media when it comes to finding out who to contact in the know? Again, give examples of occasions where you have shown your skills and where they’ve brought you soaring results.

3. “I’m a hard worker.”

A potential employee wouldn’t be looking at your CV unless you were hard-working. You’ve already been proactive enough to write a CV and apply for the job, and they aren’t going to employ anyone who’s lazy. Skip this cliché of a saying and instead share tasks, roles and skills where you’ve demonstrated your ability to go the extra mile.

Now what?