Spanish man pulls a six year sickie – without anyone noticing!

Admit it, you’ve taken more sick days than instances that you’ve actually been sick. Like, honestly, if you don’t completely hate your job, it takes more than a case of the sniffles for you to make that call to say you’re not coming in.

And when you are off on a sickie, you’re bored by 11:30 – there’s only so much Jeremy Kyle you can watch in one sitting.

Yet, against all the odds, one Spanish civil worker has been fined a hefty £21,000 fine because not only did he take one too many sick days – he took “at least” 6 years of unaccounted leave reports the BBC.

Joaquin Garcia’s total absence was only noticed when he became eligible to collect a long-service award. If you’re looking for an example to explain what irony is, this might be the best yet.

The 69-year-old has since retired and denied the allegations since he retired a year after leaving the office. Garcia was paid £29,000 a year before tax so his fine was roughly equal to a year’s salary after tax – it’s all the compensation his company could legally claim.

What’s amazing is that the boss of the company Garcia worked for had not seen the employee come into his office for years but never considered mentioning it to anyone.

“Hey, have you seen Joaquin?”

“No, not for four years actually. But i’m sure he’ll be in tomorrow”

There has to be some record to be given for Mr Garcia for his dedication to not dedicating himself to his work. In the history of sickie pulling, this has got to be the best.

And the sweetest part of the whole situation, Garcia decided to put all his effort and free time into reading philosophy – probably the most taxing activity on the mind he could be doing. We suppose after years of labour work, the first thing you want to do is exercise your brain.

What now?