Social media do’s and don’ts if you’re dealing with recruiters

If the eyes are the window to the soul, your social media account is the looking glass into your most shameless moments. Most of us will barely let our parents see what dark secrets lurk if you scroll down to 2013 on our Facebook photos.

The sad reality is that most of us don’t really understand entirely how the privacy settings work, or at least haven’t bothered to check what, say, recruiters can see just by swinging by our profiles.

This great guide from Instant Offices runs you through everything you need to prepare your social media accounts for if you’re dealing with recruiters. It’s wittily titled ‘How to lose the job you want’.

And it’s true. The vast majority of recruiters and employers will do a casual background check on your Facebook and Twitter profiles to make sure you’re not a bloody lunatic.

They check to see what you profile says about you as a person, it’s like a digital first impression. However, they’re looking beyond incriminating evidence, they’re looking to see how suitable you look if clients or other employees wanted to do a background check too.

The thing is that you are entitled to have whatever you want on your social media profiles. That said, it could really hurt your chances of getting employed.

Wise moves:

  • Check for contradictions between your CV and your social media output. There’s no burden of proof on you to corroborate your accomplishments but if you’re going to lie, don’t leave an obvious trace.
  • Stay current with all the happenings in your industry. This one is particularly important on Twitter. Take part in industry relevant discussions and grow a following based on that.

Foolish moves:

  • Sharing offensive content is totally your prerogative. If you want to be a dick, that’s a life choice. However, the more outraged people get about your bigoted shares, the more likely a recruiter will come across it.
  • Make sure your profile pictures are somewhat appropriate. They don’t have to portrait shots of you in workwear, but a shot of you necking Sambuca in Zante isn’t the strongest look.

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Image credit: Instant Offices