4 reasons you should implement Snapchat into your business strategy

Unless you’ve been living Castaway style for the last 3 years, you should really know what Snapchat is/what it does. Once a tool for sending naughty pictures under the radar, this photo-messaging app has blossomed into an essential platform for digestible, visual and marketable content.

If you don’t believe how massive Snapchat is getting either think about the amount of stories you watch now as opposed to a year ago or check out these stats courtesy of Entrepreneur:

  • There are approximately 100 million users per day worldwide on this photo sharing app.
  • 77% of all students use Snapchat on a daily basis.
  • 58% of students would be likely to purchase a product or service if they received a voucher over the app.

What more evidence do you need? There’s a huge customer potential who are all seriously engaged. If you haven’t drafted Snapchat into your marketing plan, regardless of the size of your project, you definitely should.

Here are four ways to implement to photo app into your business strategy!


1. Document live events

Snapchatting from the side lines of a gig or lecture gives an immediate exclusivity you don’t get with an Instagram video. Since it’s hard to get people to stay locked into a live-stream, Snapchat’s stories are the best way to give just a peek into the high life.

2. Tease new products

The ephemeral nature of a Snapchat post means that a few seconds of a product feature is enough to stir a buzz. Especially since there’s no (easy) way to rip video off of the app. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

3. Understand the meaning of visual

Because of how casual Snapchat is, making use of the filters and features may look cheesy but maintains the same level of colour, action and fun all the other brands are using. The trick is to use the creative features of the app to highlight your core creative ideas, not overshadow them.

4. Tell a story

Videos should follow a line of progression. Sure, you can use a Snap photo as a poster tease but if you want to make use of the video feature be sure to get creative with the narrative you’re showcasing.