6 signs you’re sacrificing your health for your job

Stress is killing more people every year and we don’t even realise it. It lurks in the shadows of our minds, picking away at the fulcrums that hold our lives together and strikes when we feel our most vulnerable. Sacrificing portions of our lives to stress only feeds the problem and eventually this imbalance will catch up with us, usually in the form of sickness.

One of the most common toasts across all cultures is an expression of collection “good health”, usually proposed by bearded gentlemen. But a well-wished clink of glasses won’t do you any good if you’re giving your job higher precedence over your health, both mental and physical.

The inability to switch off after work can lead to burnout or worse. Here are six signs to suggest that you’re sacrificing your health for your job.


1. General health

Sacrificing your work-life balance can lead to a dangerous cycle of sick days. You work yourself into the ground and have to take time off work. Instead of relaxing you stress about how much work you have to do. You got back to work and begin the cycle again – it’s just not on.

2. Deteriorating relationships

Most people don’t even realise the sacrifice they’re making. They’ll call it “working hard” or “dedication” but they might hurting the ones you cared about before you became a work driven monster.

3. You have as much work at home as you do on your desk

The blurring of the boundary between work and home is the first note of your swan song. Escaping work is as, if not more, important as knowing when it’s time to knuckle down.


4. Lower level of satisfaction

The feeling of accomplishment is so distant from the current state of mind. Being satisfied can make you complacent but taking no pride in your work means you’ve sacrificed your personality and soul.

5. Irritation

Poor work-life balance can mean that you see everyone who isn’t helping you the way that you want them to help as an obstacle.

6. Poor performance

You try so hard but because of how limited you health is, you’ll achieve so very little.