The Sick-Day Excuse Generator That You *Need* In Your Life

You know that feeling of guilt you get when you call in sick when you are actually sick? It’s very confusing. You shouldn’t feel bad about missing one day of work to rest up and yet you do. It’s because of all those days you took off sick when you weren’t actually sick. It’s also because you’re so used to making an excuse.

Maybe you had a lot of ‘life business’ you needed sorting out, maybe you just really didn’t want to go to work. We all take the occasional fake sick-day. Convincing yourself to take them isn’t the hard part, making a decent excuse is.

Throwing out the classic “my grandma died” is responsible for too many grandma deaths a year so don’t tempt fate. You need an excuse that can be corroborated, is believable and doesn’t beg too many other questions.

Online medical care specialist ZocDoc have created an online ‘ultimate sick day excuse generator’ that you can check out, here. Data they extracted found that nearly 40% of workers will be willing to use a totally fabricated excuse to get out of work. My question is, why are the other 60% lying in an anonymous survey?

We’re not all silver-tongued liars. We can’t talk/email our ways out of situations, in fact, sometimes we make it worse for ourselves.

This excuse generator shouldn’t be trusted for real excuse advice. Your best bet is something vague and indiscernible like “dentists appointment” or “car trouble” or “my dentist had car trouble”.

This generator gives more humourous and less useful ideas. Like this one, for example:


Image credit: ZocDoc

Very funny but not particularly useful. We’ve talked in the past about the best excuses for running late and found that the most vague and relatable excuses tend to be the best ones. Using this hypothesis, the excuse “I had a flu thing” is perfect.

Everything in the office fears a flu outbreak and the reluctancy to share details suggests sinister undertones. It’s perfect!