Should you wear fragrance in the office? And which ones?

Navigating the minefield of fragrance selecting is not easy task. And we’re not even over-dramatising! When you’re job hunting or starting a new job, the fragrance you wear will get noticed by people – even subconsciously. This can form a person’s perception of you. So you need to think about whether you should wear it and which ones to choose.

Forbes discussed at length whether or not you should wear a fragrance in an office environment and the answer was that a subtle fragrance is the best. What’s a subtle fragrance you ask? A unisex one!

Fragrance was never gendered back in say, the Roman times, but we’ve been conditioned over the years to think of sweet, fruity scents as being feminine, and woody, smoky scents as being masculine. Calvin Klein famously “invented” the concept of the ‘unisex perfume’ back in 1994 when this had actually been a thing since fragrances began.

We’ve selected the best unisex fragrances for you guys to wear at work. Thank us when the date offers start rolling in…

1. Atkinsons The Big Bad Cedar 

We won’t waffle on with all the scent jargon you are all bored with. This one smells woody and is one you won’t get bored of, even after months of wearing it!

Good for: Sharing with your other half

_DSC7591 630x4002. Missioni Missoni 

The packaging is, quite clearly, awesome and this isn’t too over-powering.

Good for: Looking beautiful on your dressing table

>3. Eau De Cartier

Sophisticated and elegant, you can’t go wrong with this offering from Cartier. One spray is enough to last you all day too!

Good for: Being timeless

>4. Terry De Gunzburg THÉ GLACÉ Eau De Parfum

Fresh as a cologne and intense like an Eau de Parfum – what more could you ask for in a punchy fragrance that’s just the right side of subtle.

Good for: This is a fragrance you won’t get bored of because it’s so unique

_DSC7602 630x4005. Dior Eau Fraîche Eau de Toilette

This is a total classic that won’t make you smell like old (or like your grandmother). And it will look beautiful in your bathroom cabinet!

Good for: Lasting you through Spring, Summer and then into Autumn AND Winter. Really!

_DSC7609 630x400

Get spritzing!