Four Ways To Deal With Sharing Your Precious Desk Space

As a young worker you’re probably not going to get a prime desk space within your first couple of years of employment. You have to earn your own desk space which then turns to a private office. Sharing a table or row of desks with someone can be really fun (if you like them) or, more commonly, an absolute nightmare (even if you like them).

The most basic advice we can give is to treat your co-desker how you would like to be treated. Tuck those elbows in and keep crumbly food to a minimum. You’ve been taught how to share from an early age, time to employ those skills.

Here are four methods of sharing your desk space without committing murder or losing your mind.

1. Create a partitian 

That’s right, Lord Of The Flies style. Draw a line across the desk and assert that any objects crossing that line will either be destroyed or re-possessed. You’ve got to be strict otherwise you’ll find your desk-mate’s mess spreading like wildfire. They might call you ‘uptight’ and ‘OCD’ but you’re doing it for the greater good.

2. Team up

You might be paired with the most irritating member on staff but your life will be 100x easier if you work together. Build a work place together, make it your home, combine your passions – all this good stuff. Trust us, the ‘keep your enemies closer’ mantra does not apply here.

3. The headphone policy

The likelihood is that you’ve been forced to co-habitate with someone else because your roles are somewhat linked. As to keep bickering and distractions to a minimum, enforce the headphone policy. By this I mean, if you’ve got headphones on, do not disturb unless it’s important.

4. Push for hot-desking

Like all close relationships, you will need to escape your desk partner at times. Hot-desking and flexible work are becoming increasingly popular so take advantage of these new-fangled working styles and escape the vices of your desk space situation.