How To Shake Off The Dreaded Post-Holiday Blues

The post-holiday blues is a sickness, and not one that can be treated easily. Like the common cold or a broken heart, the only cure is time. But similar to those ailments, there are methods you can apply to ease the transition from swimming with dolphins to copy writing.

Symptoms include dragging feet, resting scowls and a relentless compulsion to check if the tan is fading already. When you’re processing the PHB, all of a sudden England feels colder and the prospect of going on holiday again feels like an eternity away.

While the typical Monday Blues can be resolved with coffee, the post-holiday blues requires a more immediate and psychologically charged solution.

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According to Dr. Andrew J. DuBrin, Professor of Management at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, applying the ‘clean calendar’ approach to your work life is the key to feeling less like a deflated balloon.

He says: “A blank calendar means, literally, a clean slate. Think of something positive as of this very minute.”

The key here is to live in the moment – like you were on holiday. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t reminiscence fondly about your time away but, like a past relationship, the longer you dwell on the good times, the harder it’s going to be to move on.

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Another tactic is to take everything you’ve experienced and do something creative with it. In the same way some of the best pieces of art and been birthed from misery, you can use your post-holiday slump to achieve what psychologists call: a BAG (Big Audacious Goal).

Whether you want to scrapbook your thousands of holiday snaps or digitise that cute holiday diary you jotted in throughout your travels, building something constructive out of your holiday experiences will make the whole trip feel like an enriching chapter in your life.