Uni Signs: 5 reasons getting a retail or pub job after graduation might actually help you

If you’ve graduated in the last couple of years, student life will seem like a distant memory. How long was it since you last set fire to an oven glove and remedied your shock with a seven hour Parks & Recreation session? Too long I think you’ll find. But money needs to come from somewhere and a retail/pub job is the most accessible opportunity going right now.

Rule number one of job-seeking is to get rid of any ego or nauseating principles that might stop you applying for a job because you’re ‘better than it’. You’re an arts graduate, you ain’t better than anything. A retail or pub job might not be the start of your dream career but it’s better than nothing.

Here’s five reasons why getting a retail or pub job after graduation isn’t the worst thing to happen, ever.

1. Flexible hours

As long as you don’t opt for full-time (which we recommend you don’t), your shifts should be flexible enough to schedule in any potential job interviews or work experiences you might already have booked or might be offered in the future.

2. You’ll be working with people the same age

Getting an adult job in the big smoke is amazing but a stark contrast to the university environment you’re used to. Working in retail or in a pub, you’ll be surrounded by people in the exact same position as you. Worst case scenario: you stay poor but become rich in friends.

3. Motivate you to find something bigger

After a while (this is, of course, for people you don’t want to work in retail) your temporary job will become arduous and disheartening. You can use this position to motivate yourself into becoming the most hard-working job-seeker in the UK.

Pub Job

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4. Keep your bank account above water 

It won’t be a lot of money but if you’re pulling 20 hours or more and living at home, it’ll be enough to sustain the amount of disposable income you were accustom to at university.

5. Give you time to figure out exactly what you want

Above all, the flexible hours and rinse-and-repeat nature of the work will give you the space and time to figure out which direction you want to go. You can’t rush this decision so it makes sense to take your time with it and make some pennies on the side.