Job Signs: 5 reasons you should relocate closer to your office

A few years into employment, you’re probably feeling good about life. If you’re not there yet, you will soon enough, don’t worry! You might still be living at your parents house or managed to relocate to a decent flatshare on the skirts of the city. Either way, I’d wager that commuting has become both a primary drain on your finances, patience and, on some days, sanity. 

You need a way out. The commuter in London spends an average of 75 minutes a day commuting. In relative terms, the rest of the world averages a rough 40 minutes and that includes the 120 minutes the workers of Bangkok spend in traffic every single day.

The obvious solution is to just move closer to your office. I know, renting in the city is a lunatic’s game and you won’t have such a nice place to live in but, let me assure you, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Here are five reasons you should relocate closer to your office.

1. Know your city

Living outside of a main city limits the amount of late nights you can actually have without clock watching. Too many times have I had to leave gigs or meet-ups early to catch the last train home. Living within the city walls means you can actually spend time in the city and get fully acquainted with all its quirks and secrets.

2. Public transport access

Instead of relying on your car, then national rail and then public transport, living close to the office will mean that you’ll have easy access to buses and tubes. You can also sell the car if you own one and save a bundle on gouging insurance prices.

3. Shortened commute

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Say goodbye to 6:45am alarms and hello to leaving the house at 8:45 and still having enough time to grab a croissant before the working day begins.

4. Walk to work

As someone who leaves 15 minutes earlier than he needs to just to allow for some voluntary walking time, let me tell you, walking to work is amazing. Not only does it wake you up but also allows you to explore your city at the same time. You don’t get that on the tube.

5. Access to home amenities 

Living outside the city, if you forget something or get a call about a water leakage, you’re pretty much screwed. Living 30 minutes or less from home means you can always nip back to your place to sort any problems out, make some lunch or just grab a small nap before you’re due back at your desk!