Job Signs: 6 reasons you should constantly be updating your CV (even when you’re employed)

So you’ve been happily employed for a couple of years. You’ve negotiated the office politics, can navigate every corner and half-step of your commute with your eyes closed and pretty much breeze through the days without a hitch. You can do all of these things but honestly ask yourself, when was the last time you updated your CV?

The last time you probably checked it was 10 minutes prior to sending in your application for this job or maybe you caught sight of it upside-down on the interview table.

Either way, it’s been far too long since you gave the old CV a once over. Make the change now; save yourself a great deal of trouble later.

1. Job today, no job tomorrow

The future is an uncertain and vindictive thing. Unless you sit atop the pecking order, there’s probably a lot of decisions about your future being made without you even realising. Without wanting to frighten you, redundancies do happen and you’re better off prepared if it happens to you.

2. You do the same with your social media profiles

Research shows that your average worker spends roughly one hour and 40 minutes a day on various social media platforms. If you spent a fraction of this time updating your CV and LinkedIn, you wouldn’t have to worry about the rug being pulled out from under your feet,

3. It can help you assess your progress

It’s been 6 months and you have nothing more to add? Are you sure this job is right for you? If you haven’t had the compulsion to add a single skill or detail to your CV you obviously aren’t learning anything. It might be time for a change!

Image credit: Giphy

Image credit: Giphy

4. CVs aren’t just for job applications

When it comes to work life, not everything is as linear as the ‘apply for the job, interview for the job, get the job, grow old’ formula. There are assessments and promotion reviews and all this other gumpf that may require a fresh, updated copy of your CV.

5. Side work is becoming increasingly popular

Side work is popular which means it’s less accessible. If you want those sweet moonlighting positions, you’ve got to move fast. Cut out some unnecessary fumbling by always having an updated CV to hand.