Image credit: Instagram - @domeyleo

The pros and cons of going permanently freelance

Going permanently freelance is like taking a plunge into the unknown except there might be money at the bottom, and once in a lifetime opportunities and maybe happiness. But at the same time there could be loneliness, misery and empty pockets. It’s a hell of a wager but if you believe in your abilities, just go for it.

Being a freelancer can be an amazing way to have control over your work life while having the freedom to do a lot of things you can’t do in a regular job. From working from home to travelling while you work, the benefits are endless.

This great video, Mike Fischer, a designer, shares the pros and cons of working permanently freelance vs full-time work at one company. Fischer, who worked freelance for four years before joining UK-based agency Magpie, also shares tips on how to find success as a freelancer.