5 practice CV ideas to get the creative juices flowing

Can you get CV writer’s block? I genuinely believe you can. After months at the job-hunt you might decide that your CV is the weakest part of your application. You research designs, collate your information and now it’s time to pull all the pieces together. But for some reason no combination of design and information feels right to you. You need a practice CV.

Like writing, crafting a CV that truly represents you is harder than it seems. You have to believe that what’s on the page is the most accurate and impressive version of yourself. What you need is some practice.

Whether you’re having trouble with sentence structure, getting over your modesty or design – here are 6 practice CV ideas to revamp your skills.

1. Get a friend to write your CV for you

Being so close to the source material (you) makes it difficult to make objective decisions in terms of what information to prioritise. I suppose that’s the point of writing a practice CV. Get someone close to you to write a rough draft and see if their structure matches yours.

2. Write a fictional character’s CV

Sometimes you just need to apply your skills to another context to reinvigorate them. Pick a fictional character, regardless of how much you know about them, and try and write their CV. It’s a fun way of practicing what you’ve learned.

3. One sentence text boxes

Complexity is a killer when it comes to writing application documents. Try and distill your entire career onto one page using concise, one sentence descriptions. This will teach you how to say the most with the least amount of words.

4. Write a CV for you five years ago 

Cast your mind back to 2011 and think about where you were. How much experience you had, what you liked. Using your new understanding of design and the world of work, try and translate those achievements onto a page.

5. Write a CV for you five years in the future

Whether you’re feeling hopeful about the future or otherwise, this exercise is a great way of visualising success and putting your CV technique to the test. Think about what you would like to achieve and how you think you’ll get there. Don’t limit yourself to anything!