The post-it note war that tore two companies apart…

The post-it note is perhaps the most creatively versatile office supply that frequents the average worker’s desk. Combined with regular spouts of boredom, post-its can provide a canvas for some truly stunning new-age masterpieces. That or stoke the competitive fires between two companies with adjacent buildings resulting in all out post-it war.

Two offices opposite each other in New York have been waging a war upon each other with increasingly elaborate post-it pictures ending with a mic drop finale. So how did this battle of the ages begin?

Like all great wars, this tale begins simply and without malice. It began with a simple “Hi” posted on one small square window. This started to snowball as the social media community started tagging their creations #canalnotes and #postitwars, reports The Poke. This trend likely unleashed a torrent of productivity disciplinary meetings but, as a bystander, I think it’s worth it.

Check out this time lapse video of the Havas team building the insane and impressive final blow, Mic Drop. The video begins in the day time and seems to go on all throughout the night. Most people wouldn’t commit to staying late for their jobs but this war became more important than anything.


Image credit: Twitter – @Slou20

Look at this sh*t. I mean, come on. That’s an Avengers style briefcase meant to house nuclear grade weaponry and instead we’ve got one full to the brim with post-its. How cool is that? Can’t you imagine the team at Havas opening up the case and gold light hitting them like that scene in Pulp Fiction?


However, as with every skirmish, there was more than two parties involved. Other companies in neighbouring offices couldn’t help but get involved and can you blame them. Look at this janky but really fun Marge and Maggie Simpson!


Image credit: Twitter – @KBostely

How knows how long this war will rage on? The Mic Drop might have won the battle but the war isn’t over yet!