The photoshop themed CV that has changed the game

Having a CV that sticks out really matters in the job application process. Think about the desk or, more time specifically, an employers desktop. Think how many people are applying for the same job as you, seeing as you found the job and applied for it – it means there’s a lot. Your skills in photoshop aren’t always going to set you apart from the crowd, well, until now.

We talk a lot about creative CV solutions. We’ve discussed a range of video CVs, rap CVs and using design tropes to pull off impossible PDF feats. Now, someone has come along as raised the bar for impressive and creative CV designs.

Graphic and UI designer, Niteesh Yadav has created a fun and memorable CV that will catch the eye of any design agencies. Niteesh used photoshop for his CV and by that I don’t mean: “He edited a design on photoshop”… he¬†literally¬†used photoshop.

Look at Niteesh’s CV below! Click the image for a larger version courtesy of Design Taxi.


Image credit: Niteesh Yadav

If you’ve never used Photoshop, this is what the main interface looks like. Except, in real life, it doesn’t have four years worth of design experience embdeed within.

Niteesh has used the timeline interface to showcase his work experience, the layers tool as an ‘interests’ section (nice play on words, Niteesh). My favourite aspect of this whole CV is the crude and friendly matrix profile in the top right corner. As well as being a top-notch designer, this CV shows that Niteesh has a top sense of humour and can exact that through his talents.

If you need some design work doing be sure to swing by Niteesh’s own website and contact page. The New Delhi based graphic designer has been freelancing for the past five years and, as you can see above, is obviously an incredibly deft worker.