The 16 Personality Types Of Successful People… Which One Are You?

Personality types are a lot more complex than we originally thought. In normal conversation we describe people using a system of adjectives that range from ‘funny’, to ‘lovely’ and ‘annoying’ to ‘evil’. According to psychology there are distinct types of personalities all with complicated acronyms.

For example, would you have any idea what it meant if I described someone to you as INFP? Definitely not.

It stands from Introversion Intuition Feeling Perceiving. Raise your hand if you’re confused.

According to this infographic by Colonial Life, there are 16 different Myers-Briggs personality types each with their own distinct traits. Think of these descriptions as horoscopes that actually mean something (sorry, not sorry).

For example, the INFP is generally “idealistic and loyal to their values and those important to them. They look for ways to make things better, helped by the fact they tend to be curious and quick to see possibilities”. The kind of people who are INFPs are J.K Rowling, Andy Warhol and JFK. Never thought you’d see those three names in a sentence together!

Here are four successful people and their personality types. Which one is closest to you?

Kanye West 

ISFJ: Introversion Sensing Feeling Judging

Kanye is described as “friendly, responsible and conscientious with a thorough and accurate approach to life in general”. Kanye the figure isn’t always the most friendly but he is undoubtedly conscientious and definitely thorough. His last album took 6 months more to come out than it needed!


Mark Zuckerberg

INTJ: Introversion Intuition Thinking Judging

He’s the poster boy for success, the Facebook owner has the rarest personality type with only 2% of the world’s population sharing it with him. He is “imaginative, curious sand ambitious” and will always “see a job through to completion”. Sounds about right!

Jennifer Lawrence

ENFJ: Extraversion Intuition Feeling Judgement

Regardless if you like her films, the description of this actor powerhouse as “loyal, sociable and inspiring” more or less fits the bill!


Image credit: Colonial Life