4 ways to perfect the post-interview thank you note

A thank you note goes a long way, I think. It’s one of these strange sociological phenomenons in which a gesture that requires such a small amount of effort results in maximum good feelings from the recipient. While you should always send thank you notes to loved ones, it’s not a bad idea to shoot one over after an interview.

While you don’t need to worry about it being interpreted as petty bribery, you should also know that it won’t recover a mediocre interview, it’s just polite business practice. That said, a well-crafted thank you note can keep you in the running as someone the interviewers might consider for the position.

However, a badly written and careless thank you note can actually hurt you more than not sending one at all. Careerealism have collected four top tips for writing great thank you notes post-interview

1. Check-to-check

If you nailed the interview without mispronouncing words or calling the interviewer, “Mum”, congratulations. However, you can detonate that perfect first impression with some shoddy penmanship in your thank you note. Don’t misspell names, check the grammar and, please, proofread.

2. Inject some personality

“Thank you for your time, I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to hearing from you”.

Well duh. What’s the point of writing a note if it’s just going to parrot the last thing you said when you left the interview room? Inject a bit of extra information that communicates your commitment to the position. Reflect on the discussion and highlight a particular point that might sway your interviewers to your side.

3. Keep it brief

This ain’t a pen pal correspondence, they don’t care that your hamster got flushed down the toilet (RIP). Keep the note succinct and to the point. It only serves the purpose of keeping the dialogue going.

4. The 24-hour rule

Unlike texting someone back that you like, the sooner you can get a note over to your interviewer, the better. 24 hours is about the right amount of time and with the immediacy of email, there shouldn’t be any delays.