7 ways to craft the PERFECT email signature

A suitable email signature takes a day to a learn but a lifetime to master. Well, it shouldn’t but so many still haven’t grasped the do’s and don’ts of crafting the perfect email signatures.

Thankfully, the good people at Creative Solutions have created this amazing infographic that walks you through step-by-step what you should be including and removing from your email signature.

They write: “Though countless emails are sent every day, many people don’t give their email signature much consideration. However, conveying the right corporate image, big or small, requires thought, so up your professionalism today!”

Think of your email signature as the little of your personality that you otherwise can’t demonstrate in an email. There’s no room for firm handshakes or warm smiles so this little aphorism and your phone number is all you’ve got.

Here are the top tips from this graphic:

  • Keep it simple: Primarily use plain text while avoiding the use of too many graphics colours and fonts – overuse will increase the size of your email and the chance of it being labelled as spam.
  • Inform your recipients: If you’re a business owner, include information on any upcoming promotions, products or conferences of interest. People see this as an open door for networking.
  • Break it up: Take advantage of using pipes, colons and dividers to condense the number of lines needed to display information. People use the same trick when they’re designing business cards.
  • Get social: It’s 2016 people! Nobody is going to take you or your business seriously if you’re still including home numbers and fax addresses. If you want your recipients to show an interest be sure to include easy links to all pertinent social media accounts!
  • Include additional details: Including extra info such as your title and department will allow your recipients know who they’re talking with instantly.

Image credit: Cloud Solutions

Image credit: Cloud Solutions