Be The Office Superhero: Five Reasons To Bring Snacks To The Work

Free snacks in the office are sometimes the only thing stopping a mass exodus to the circus and a surge of unfilled desks. Often unexpected but always appreciated – a single brownie can turn the most morose day into a celebration of life and all it’s frolicking beauty.

But why do you deserve free treats and snacks all the time? What have you done for your co-workers lately? Here’s why you should stop taking and learn to give, be the one to bring snacks into the office for a change.

1. You can’t buy friends, but you can try

This one is important if you’re relatively new to the office. The way to your co-workers hearts isn’t through their humanity, it’s through their stomachs. By bringing in your delicious snacks, you’ll assert that you’re a generous soul worth keeping around and that you’re willing to make an effort to fit in.

2. Develop a hobby

Don’t think you can cheat your way out of working for good karma by bringing in some weak box of mini-muffins from Tesco, we all see right through you. Go the extra mile and exercise all that knowledge you’ve learned from GBBO – they’ll taste way better and you might develop a penchant for baking.

3. Bond with the ‘other-siders’

Snacks tend to draw the shut-aways from their desks more than anything else. If you’ve always wanted to know what the deal is with the IT guys across the office, this is your chance. Use the food as a decoy while you berate them with questions about their roles and why they look like they’ve never slept.

4. It could save you at a later date

You’ve made a colossal mistake and it’s time to pay the price. Luckily, because you brought in snacks the day before, nobody can get mad at you. Once again you get away Scott-free and you have Cherry Bakewells to thank for it.

5. Because it’s a nice thing to do

Sometimes it’s just nice to be nice. Bringing snacks in for the co-workers that work just as hard as you shouldn’t require an incentive. You’ve been eating free treats for years now and it’s to give back to the working community.