Office art can actually boost your productivity: Here’s how

Art is objectively good for the soul, even if you don’t understand it. Some will have greater emotional ties to certain styles and pieces but there’s no doubt that art is the natural byproduct of being a human being.

It turns out, however, that’s there’s some evidence to suggest that by keeping pieces of art and installations in the office space that employees will feel more motivated, less stressed and have a better mindset about coming into work.

A new report from The Guardian sides with the meditative powers of distraction and how taking ‘art breaks’ could really benefit companies in the long run.

Dr Craig Knight, a psychology professor, argues for the sake of art. He says that companies push for these “sanitised, lean workplaces” to avoid distraction but pay no regard to the evidence that proves that an enriching environment is one with more productive and happier workers.

Deutsche Bank in Germany have the biggest collection of corporate art in the world/ A whopping 60,000 works across 900 offices in as many as 40 nations. The artists often hang round the offices to answer any questions and engage with in any employees looking to take a break with some intelligent discourse.

The other benefit is the larger commission that independent artists will be given if this practice picks up serious traction worldwide.

Research teams found that people working in a healthy, enriched and intelligently designed office are 15% more productive than those in the stripped-out and modern spaces. In addition to this, the art and plant offices seem to generate less sick days – it could be the extra oxygen presence.

Think of art as the most engaging and beautiful motivational poster you’ve ever seen except instead of a pair of cats with ‘teamwork’ written boldly beneath, it’s a multi-coloured masterpiece exploring the cavernous depths of the human condition – happy working, everybody.

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