Office arguments nationwide are being solved with digital Rock-Paper-Scissors

Arguments in the office reflect the diverse ecosystem of workplace interactions. Equal parts funny, frightening, annoying, entertaining and disruptive – never before has any company tried to both mediate and facilitate the ritual of venting frustrations at a co-worker, until now.

Atlassian is an Australian company that have decided that office arguments are an integral part of the working social sphere. So much so that they’ve implemented Rock-Paper-Scissors into the company’s primary mode of communication.

Before, to rule moral victors, numerous passive-aggresive emails would be passed around until one side conceded or decided that they were too busy to argue. With this new feature from HipChat, there will be justice in the workplace once again.

Competing with Slack as the main form of internal communication, HipChat links every employee in a public forum to discuss business ideas and settle debates. Speaking to Mashable, a spokesperson from Atlassian said: “HipChat is all about helping teams get their work done, but sometimes even the hardest working team just needs to take a break and have a little fun”.

And thus, rock-paper-scissors was integrated into the company. The program also stores victory data and creates leaderboards based on the results of this age-old game of luck.

Image credit: Atlassian

Image credit: Atlassian

HipChat have also announced that they’re planning to integrate their program with an Uber ordering service. So if you’re sick of losing arguments through a game based  on luck, you can order yourself a car home and sulk your way out of the office in style.