New government report shows that the self-employed ‘need more support’

In 2016, the 9-5 working model is inching into the categorisation of prehistoric. Even if this tried and tested scheduling is still integral to your working week, it’d be a falsity to suggest that it’s your only working option at this point.

As more businesses adopt flexible hours, the rigid working structure is morphing into something entirely new and self-determined. This is, in part, due to the mass upheaval caused by surging entrepreneurs or ‘self-employed workers’ – 15% of UK workers are estimated to be self-employed, that’s an all-time high.

However, according to a new review commission by a leading entrepreneur, self-employed workers should be getting more support from the government to bolster their growing businesses, the BBC reports.

The review, published by Julie Deane, is calling for the government to supply UK entrepreneurs with the same rights and privileges as company employees – with specific reference to enhanced maternity and paternity compensation.

The report reads: “It is important that with the increased growth in self-employment, and the subsequent benefits that this group brings to the economy, that there are systems in place to support the self-employed in the same way as the employed”.

Analysts have suggested, alongside this report, that many people who are currently self-employed do so not out of choice but necessity. As a result of the financial crisis, redundancies may have led to this growth of self-employment culture and the subsequent call for support.

Deane’s report suggests otherwise saying that the majority of the 15% had “no plans to return to employment” and made a “positive choice” to go into the market flying solo.

Hopefully as the job market becomes more accommodating to young entrepreneurs, governmental support and infrastructure will come in time for a new technological leap led by the bright minds of the millennial generation.