‘New Day’ is hitting the UK – 5 reasons you should revisit the newspaper for your commute

Next time you’re on the train, take out your earphones and look around. You’ll witness a sea of blank faces silently and intensely staring into little black rectangles. There’s no point getting on your high horse about the digital age because we’re all as bad as each other. That said, it’d be nice if we all spoke to each other a little more, or least read the newspaper occasionally.

But we hear you cry: “I have the news on my Twitter feed” and “There’s nothing in a newspaper that can’t be found online”, which is only partly-true.

In recent news, The Daily Mirror publisher, Trinity Mirror, is launching the first new national newspaper for 30 years next week called the ‘New Day’. It will be a to-the-point newspaper that is catered to the “time-poor” commuter.

Here are five reasons we should revisit newspapers in general for our commutes.

1. In-depth understanding of the world

Your Twitter feed and news apps (unless you have a subscription to a national paper) will give you the bare minimum of knowledge needed to contribute in conversations about, say, the upcoming presidential election. Newspapers give the full background and context of every story needed to cultivate a dialogue with the reader.

2. People work hard to keep them circulating

Considering the amount of content you’re getting per penny, newspapers are pretty good value. Writers work hard to keep them circulating even in this digital age. You might consider them archaic and extinct, but newspapers will always be a part of the news cycle so pay homage by picking one up occasionally.

3. Content is general, not curated (and sometimes that’s a good thing)

The news you read on your phone or tablet is most likely curated to your taste and interest, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. By having to read articles about things you might not have been exposed to your scope will be widened and thus your outlook on the world will be too.

4. Aid your digital detox

We keep our noses in our phones all the way to work from where we stare at a screen for 8+ hours. Start your digital detox by keeping your eyes off the screen and on a newspaper. Even if it’s only 30 minutes a day, it makes a world of difference.

5. Experience the issues from another perspective

Opinion pieces in newspapers have to be well-crafted and thought-out, unlike the so-called ‘experts’ on your Twitter feed. Spending time with these columnists you’ll learn to develop analytical skills on subjects you’re not trained in and find your ability to form unique opinions improving.