Your commute will never be the same: the new Audi concept car features an electric longboard

The population is rising, cities are expanding, train strikes are occurring more and more often – it’s only a matter of time before the human race has to abandon conventional living methods and begin our inevitable gridlock society. Well, unless Audi can save us all.

Let’s put the traffic-jam dystopia to the side for a minute and get real. Traffic congestion is a real problem, not just for the environment, but for the sanity for those who have to sit it in for hours everyday – especially in areas like urban China and Los Angeles.

At Beijing’s auto show this week, Audi unveiled the next step in personal motor technology; currently named the Connected Mobility Concept. In essence, this is just a slightly super-up Audi Q3 with the bonus of a beautiful electric longboard/scooter that automatically charges when it’s stored inside the rear bumper.

Money says you’re all thinking about this Back To The Future scene, right?


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Audi’s idea is that your navigational systems will automatically calculate whether you would be better off driving or using the longboard to get to your destination. But don’t worry, Audi aren’t encouraging you to abandon your car in the middle of the road, it’ll suggest somewhere to park first, reports The Verge.

The longboard itself is basically just a slab of aluminium and carbon fibre. The board can go over seven miles on a full charge and hit speeds of 18 miles per hour making it the goofiest and potentially most helpful getaway vehicle of the millennium.

But don’t get too excited. Despite the ‘mobility’ buzzword being the hot-topic in the world of auto tech, this particular concept might not even make it out of the factory. This information comes from a concept being developed at Audi’s research facility in China. We might have to wait a decade or two before we’re cruising to work like Marty McFly.

Image credit: Audi

Image credit: Audi