Never run out battery again with these 5 simple phone tips

The biggest annoyance experienced by any millennial is the plummeting phone battery. Despite nothing bad ever happening in the 15 minutes it takes to resuscitate your pocket computer, it’s a massive inconvenience that we all have to deal with in our own personal ways.

There’s reason to believe that the emotional process of dealing with a phone on the precipice of death is not dissimilar to the five stages of grief. However, as always, we’ve got your covered. Here are 5 easy steps to you can take to keep the battery up and running all the live-long day.

1. Never let it get to zero

Lithium-ion batteries lose roughly five to ten percent of their optimum charge per month. You can push back this decay by keeping a steady charge in your phone at all times. In fact, when phone batteries get to literal zero, not 0%, there’s a chance they become unstable. If it weren’t for specially placed safety measures, phones abandoned in drawers for years and recharged could explode which, as anyone might tell you, isn’t ideal.

2. Use power saving modes

If you’re using an Android or Microsoft phone, you should have power saving modes built into the system. You can extend the life by hours by sacrificing a tiny bit of processing power. All this means is that your Twitter app might take a few seconds more to load up but in exchange you don’t have to worry about being stranded until you find the nearest socket.

3. Utilise Airplane Mode tactically

In areas of low signal, your phone will try desperately to latch onto any strong-signal and by doing that will squeeze every morsel of power it can from your phone. Keep an eye on those pesky bars and switch to Airplane mode if you need to reserve some battery for when you actually need to make a call or send an oh-so important text.

4. Charge your phone the smart way

We won’t delve into the nitty-gritty details but phone batteries actually have ‘behaviours’. You might be nodding amicably since your phone never seems to wants to cooperate with you when you need it most but this is a different type of behaviour. To get the most out of your battery, keep the bar as far above 50% at all times. Your battery will thank you in the long run for keeping it maintained and not having to worry about diverting and saving power when straights become dire.

5. Stay cool

Your phone’s battery will degrade much faster when it overheats. Easy ways to avoid this is by keeping it out of direct sunlight, pulling it off charge as soon as it hits 100% and not overworking the processor with 1000 open apps at once. Treat your phone kindly and it will return the favour.

Now what?