National Apprenticeship Week: Why the ‘skill gap’ makes it the perfect time to start an apprenticeship

Happy National Apprenticeship Week, boys and girls! Every day this week we’ll be talking about and helping everyone out there who is thinking about getting into the world of apprenticeships.

These days, as university fees sky-rocket and the job-market tightens, apprenticeships are becoming more and more valued!

In a recent news story from BT, reports have suggested that the food and drink industry is representative of a skills gap concern. Sectors are being ‘ignored’ by young people who are trying to forge a career path through apprenticeships. We’re not suggesting you jump into any old industry to fill a place but bear with us – the skill gap might be beneficial to you.

That particular industry is said to lose almost a third (400,000) of it’s workers by 2020 due to retirement. The lack of young people is a result of “outdated image of the industry” and as a result a deficit of talent has been created.

What this means, if other industries experience similar difficulties in the future, is that there’ll be plenty of opportunities for those who took the apprenticeship route today.

The Chief Executive of Network Rail has spoken out against the stigma associated with apprenticeships saying that: “Our graduated apprentices are living proof that there should be no stigma associated with apprenticeships, and that with the right attitude and work ethic, you can reap the rewards alongside those who have chosen a university route”.

A Business Department spokesman for British Gas said: “It is great to see more and more young people are choosing apprenticeships as a fast-track to a successful career.

So if you’re stuck on whether to go to university or down the apprenticeship route, remember to think about what will benefit you in the future rather than in the next few years. The job climate is in constant flux and the apprentices of today might be the CEOs of tomorrow.