National Apprenticeship Week: Is an apprenticeship the right path for you to take?

Happy National Apprenticeship Week, boys and girls! Every day this week we’ll be talking about and helping everyone out there who is thinking about getting into the world of apprenticeships.

These days, as university fees sky-rocket and the job-market tightens, apprenticeships are becoming more and more valued so get involved while you can!

Yesterday we looked at how apprenticeships aren’t just for young job-seekers who are considering alternatives options to university. In fact, 40,000 people aged over 45 this year will apply for apprenticeships.

Today, regardless of age, we’re going to be looking at whether an apprenticeship is actually the right decision for you. Below you’ll find a brilliant infographic from City and Guilds that explain the cold facts about what an apprenticeship is, what it can offer people that go for them, how you go about applying to become an apprentice, what you’ll learn and where you can go from there.

There’s a horrible stigma attached to apprenticeships that revolves around the idea that they are just Plan Bs for people who didn’t have the qualifications or grit to go to university. Let me tell you from experience, this is hot rubbish. I have a degree and found job-seeking a real trial while some of friends had been apprentices for the last three years and have been prospering like it’s nobody’s business.

The infographic leaves you with a positive message: 20% of employers in the UK have senior staff members that started as apprenticeships. I believe the big takeaway here is that 89% of employers said that if they were starting their careers from square one, they would definitely do it through an apprenticeship.

At the end of the day, what your future looks like is your choice. Don’t let parents or teachers or infographics tell you what to do with your life. Follow your gut and trust in your decisions, apprenticeships or otherwise.

Image credit: City & Guilds

Image credit: City & Guilds