National Apprenticeship Week: Here’s why apprenticeships aren’t just for the young

Happy National Apprenticeship Week, boys and girls! Every day this week we’ll be talking about and helping everyone out there who is thinking about getting into the world of apprenticeships.

These days, as university fees sky-rocket and the job-market tightens, apprenticeships are becoming more and more valued so get involved while you can!

Young job-seekers out there truly believe they own the racket of feeling like it’s impossible to get gainful employment. Well *wah* little babies, you truly are the hardest done by, right? WRONG.

Think about all the older people who are forced to go back to work due to a bereavement or rising house costs, think about them who have to try to find gainful employment with a 30 years gap on their CV.

Luckily, apprenticeships offer an olive branch to the older job-seekers who are looking for some modern training. The Telegraph tells the story of 52-year-old Angela Bovell.

“It’s demoralising when you keep on searching but nothing comes up.It used to upset me when I saw all these amazing jobs being advertised, but they were all for youngsters. They don’t say it in the advertisement of course, but they don’t want people my age.”

Barclays is countering the ageism in apprenticeships with the ‘Bolder Apprenticeship Programme’ which aims to provide “support for adults over the age of 24 wishing to get back into the workplace”.

And Angela’s story is not unique. The government’s estimate of how many over-45s likely to begin apprenticeships this year sits at over 40,000 people. The key to getting the jobs and training opportunities to the people is awareness.

Over 45s aren’t as internet savvy as us millennials who spend hours scouring online job applications to fit our criteria. Barclays will have to utilise some old-school methods to get these apprenticeships to the eyes and ears of people who need them but once they do, great changes are just around the corner.