5 reasons why musical people are more likely to be successful in the office

Whether it was painstakingly practicing your scales at school, or performing in a girl group in your uni talent competition, the musical skills you acquired then will be benefiting you long after you gave it all up.

If you’ve ever been in a band or performed on stage, here’s some good news. You are far more likely to be successful in your life thanks to the musical skills you will have picked up.

Here are five reasons why musical people are more likely to be successful in the office.

1. You will be more organised

If you’ve ever been in a band or played an instrument in an orchestra then you will know about rehearsals. Practise sessions have structure, you warm up, tune your instruments, warm up your vocal chords – working life is just the same. You have to go through steps to mentally prepare yourself for the day.

2. You will be dedicated

Musical people are more persistent. Learning an instrument or perfecting your singing vocals requires dedication, determination and perseverance – all amazing transferable qualities to use in the workplace.

3. You will have better concentration

Playing an instrument is so difficult because it requires really good co-ordination and focus. This is a vital skill in the working world, so if you are a musical person you will already have a head start. Being musical also means you will have better listening skills, vital for a busy work environment.

4. You will be a better team player 

If you have played in a band you will know how to work with others. If you perfect that guitar riff great, but the performance will only sound good if you all nail it. Projects at work are exactly the same, so if you are musical these skills can come in useful.

5. You will be better at expressing yourself

As music is an art it enables you to be more expressive and creative. If you can get up on stage and perform in front of a crowd you will be more confident in the workplace when it comes to giving your opinions. Working in a band also gives you better social skills, especially if you have been in bands and music groups since your school days.

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