Uni Signs: 6 societies you need to join for maximum employability points

If you’ve graduated in the last couple of years, student life will seem like a distant memory. If you’re still going strong, the rest of us envy you ferociously. We miss the days where we could go literal moon cycles without putting clothes on. Take this feature as an olive branch from us to you. Today’s focus, the societies you should probably join if you want employment after you’re done mucking about for £9,000 a year.

In terms of value, the time I spent learning new things, meeting new people and generally not doing my degree made the whole experience worth the ludicrous price tag. Fine, university is about academics but the sheer variety of activities and opportunities it offers outside of lecture theatres is where the magic lies. You’d be a fool to pass them up for more study time.

Here are six societies you should join for yourself and the sake of your employability.

1. Radio/TV station

Most universities have some sort of established radio or TV station. I can tell you that my time at Canterbury’s radio station opened up the job market for me as opposed to my Religious Studies degree. These platforms allow you to improve your public speaking skills, create according to your passions and meet loads of like-minded people.

2. Some version of a sports team

“I’m a great team player”, you’ll tell every interviewer for the next 15 years but what proof do you have of that? Join a competitive sports team and there’s your evidence. The best thing about university is the collective ‘give it a go’ mentality!

>3. Enterprise society

We’ve all got million pound ideas rattling around in our skulls but very few of us actualise them. By joining an enterprise society you can actually fund your business or project while committing to your studies. Imagine graduating having already hit the ground running as an entrepreneur.

4. Student newspaper

University is the ideal place to educate yourself and develop your voice in tandem with the rest of society. Student newspapers have a relatively carte blanche approach to journalism so if you’re looking to cut your teeth and get your opinion heard, this is a great starting point.

>5. Philanthropy

Most societies have a distinct focus on improving the self, and rightfully so, that’s why you go to university. But what’s even better than that is being able to help others in the process. The majority host a charity-type event every week/month/year but that are specific societies that focus on a certain charity. Give your time and effort to others and the universe will reward you (maybe with a job).

6. Any (to make friends)

At the end of your three year stint, you’ll barely remember your late night library sessions instead of the overwhelming memories you have of making friends and the great times you spent together. In the world of work, the ability to make friends and make good impressions goes further than any premium CV, trust us.