6 ways to make memorable first impression

It’s kind of weird how literally everybody on the planet claims to be “terrible with names” and yet we get annoyed when someone fails to remember ours. In the working world, we all meet so many people via email and in real life it becomes hard to discern who is who. And everybody is in the same boat, trying to memorable impressions.

Nobody is trying to forget people’s names but the reality of the situation is that there’s a limited amount of brain space people are using on remembering what happened last week on Game of Thrones instead of your name and job description.

But you can’t blame people, after all, you are people too. It’s hard remembering people who made no lasting impression on you. That’s the worse thing to do. Business Insider have collated information this great infographic about how to make a memorable impression when you meet somebody new (legally, of course).

Here are some highlights:

  • “People remember extremes, no mediocrity”. Share your opinions respectfully but firmly. It might spark a debate but in the context of making an impression, that might be a very good thing. It doesn’t even need to be work related!
  • “Breaking out of the cultural norm is an easy way to stick out”, this doesn’t mean dressing like a steampunk¬†and addressing¬†everybody in as ‘dawg’. Show off a bit of your personality and people should remember you.
  • “You need to make the person you’re making feel something”. This comes back to point one about eliciting a reaction. Whether you make them laugh or verbally lunge at you, their brains need to form an association in order to make yourself memorable.


Image credit: Business Insider

So there you have it. From this point on you will be the master of first impressions and nobody will ever forget you, ever!