5 steps to the perfect career profile picture

With the release of a free (yes, free) Photoshop app this week we can finally edit our favourite snaps to a professional standard on our mobiles. Amazing!

It’s been coming a long time, but Adobe Photoshop Fix looks like the answer to all of our on-the-go picture editing problems. The question is, what shall we use it for first?

Well, we’d suggest sprucing up your social media accounts to impress employers, especially if you’re on the lookout for a new job.

The profile picture is integral to your online presence, and as the first thing recruiters see (and they will see it) it’s vital to make a good impression with a five star pic.

Check out our five step guide to the perfect profile picture – short of hiring a professional – and watch the interview requests roll in.

1. Toothy grin

First things first, smile! No one’s going to hire a miserable sod, they want a happy office environment. So crack a smile and look like you’re enjoying life. Of course we don’t want any mad witchy vibes, so keep it sensible.

2. Professional people only
3. Snapping techniques

A few tried and tested tips are useful for getting the right effect here.

A jawline with a shadow immediately stands out, so ensure the lighting is correct (window at a slight angle) to produce the desired effect.

As for framing, we don’t want to see your legs, it creates too much temptation for unnecessary posing! So head-and-shoulders or head-to-waist snaps only.

4. It’s all in the eyes

For all you fringey types out there. We don’t want any obstructed eyes! Dangling hair strands mean employers can’t see your face, and as the eyes are our main mechanism for deciding whether to trust someone, psychologically your potential boss is going to put you in the no pile straight off the bat. Think about it.

5. Definite no-no’s

Chalk these items up to avoid: No hats and sunglasses for a start, and try not to end up with hair, shadows or glare on the face that could obstruct your eyes.

It’s also a good idea not to opt for the laughing smile. It’s essential to smile, yes, but laughing gives off a careless vibe, and who wants a careless worker in the office?

You can download the new Adobe Photoshop Fix app for free here

Now what?