Gents, a simple guide to matching your shoes to your suits

A man is only as good as the suits he wears. Wait. Is that right? Or is the suit as good as the man? Either way, what gentleman’s magazines have convinced us is that the suit is modern man’s coat of armour. It says “Hello world, I look conventionally ‘good’ and I’m here to do some serious business”. It’s essential workwear, too.

In 2016, where good suits are reasonably affordable, there’s no reason to not have at least one decent suit; even if you don’t have to wear one to work. There will one day be a wedding or something where you’ll need to whip it out. The suit, that is.

Imagine if you met your wife that way. You were chilling at the bar at this hypothetical event and she appreciates your tastefully matched suit and shoe combination from across the room. She approaches. You get to talking and BANG, 3-5 years later you’ve got a beautiful home with suit-cladded children pattering around the place.

Whether it be a job interview, an overdressed date or a funeral – you need to have the right shoes to match all of your suits. The suit world isn’t as black and white as it used to be; you can get blue, grey and charcoal suits.

This simple but effective infographic from Business Insider covers every match up between shoes and suits regardless of their colour. And, as someone who routinely wears T-shirts to work, my mind has been blown.

I had no idea that the only shoes you can wear with black suits are black shoes! Similarly, Navy suits go with all shades of brown and black. This is the kind of suit 101 I’ve been looking for my whole life! I might just buy a suit and shoes in every colour to cover all bases.

I hope you can find this infographic at least half as informative as I did!


Image credit: Business Insider