5 ways to manage a side-project on top of working full-time (according to Reddit)

For most of you, your day-job won’t be the only thing going on in your lives. You’ll probably have a side-project that you care about as much, if not more, than the 9-5 grind. The biggest problem people face is finding the time to work on these hobbies and projects. Looking for answers, we looked to Reddit to find ourselves some sage advice. 

1. Flexibility

Reddit user PurifyMeBooks makes some brilliant points about not enforcing any rigidness into your schedule if you want to be successful:

“I think it is important to be really flexible – I wouldn’t even set a total number of hours to hit in a week.That side project you are working on has to be something you are passionate about and care about enough to work on even when you are tired. I would not be strict about how to manage your work on the side project– it should be something is fun for you.”


2. Use daytime procrastination

Agogp takes a more extreme and risky approach to finding time to work on your side-project:

“I zen out in my day job (software dev) and any time a thought about the side project comes up I write it down and think about the actions to take. Then when I get off work I do one of the actions. I never try to do them all, I just strive to do one. But that one always progresses me and most of the time motivates me to do more actions from my list. Baby steps add up for sure.”

3. Cut down on full-time work

This is quite a commitment but if want to commit some serious time to your side-work, cutting down the amount of full-time days is a good idea according to AymericG:

“Something that changed everything was to go from full-time to 4 days or 3 days a week for my day job. It gave me the time to grow my side projects.”

4. No multi-tasking

Reddit user No1eFan is straight with what many people are struggling with, multi-tasking. Instead of trying lots of side-projects, commit to one:

One “thing” per month. Work on music for one straight month. Work on photography for one straight month. Do Duolingo for one straight month. No jumping between different hobbies and junk pure focus on one hobby.


5. Crazy sleep patterns

Hey, if this works for you… “When I have a project that I really like, I just go to sleep after work and wake up at like 3:00am. That way, I give my creative flow and good vibes to my personal project and give my tired, melancholy vibes to my dismissive coworkers.”